Hey guys- keep your eyes on your own paper.

Nice op-ed piece by a former prosecutor, Queen’s Counsel, human rights advocate (and apparently a knight in the fullest sense of the word) in the TimesOnline this morning. (click here for article.)

In it, the knight/counsel cites the fact that if you mug someone on the street you are most likely headed to prison. However, steal their pension and you may get to buy a yacht. He cites the injustice of this. While I missed the yacht idea (even though I can see them every day outside my window), I think I did mention this very same concept in my Madoff piece entitled, “Grounded! Well sort of…”

Sir Kennedy does make some strong arguments regarding how we may wish to revise laws that seems to favor elites and their institutions of power- namely the financiers. Right about now, I am wishing we could have done that long ago. I bow to the good knight.


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