I am sincerely flattered…

I was eating my own cooking and reading the articles in the series on “The Future of Capitalism” in the Financial Times. The third article by Amartya Sen echoes themes first posted here in my October 24th post entitled, “When Good things Happen to Bad People. Or Alternately, the Ultimate Fighting Match between Friedrich Nietzsche and Adam Smith.” The point being that Adam Smith never envisioned capitalism to be a value system in itself. Amartya even makes the same point that I do in pointing out that Mr. Smith published a work titled “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” prior to “The Wealth of Nations.”

Wow- thanks guys! I am truly flattered by the fact that themes first appearing here show up in your world class publication nearly 5 months later. Truly I am.  Read Amartya’s extremely well written note here. I knew there was a reason that the FT has always been one of my favorite papers.


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