Is this True? If so, then ya gotta wonder…

Latest news on Sunday afternoon. Politico is stating that President Obama has expedited the exit of GM CEO as a precondition to the aid package to be unveiled tomorrow. (see Politico article here…). If so, then it raises a really interesting question with respect to the other gaping singularity of taxpayer charity once known as the U.S. banking system.

With Secretary of Treasury Geithner saying that we will need a refresher banker bonus retirement act bailout package for banks, (see the Audaucity of hopelessness here…), then will there be reciprocity for those CEOs/leadership cabals that receive aid here too? Or will the “quiet coup” of Simon Johnson related in my prior post prevail and confirm our greatest fears? That the government for the people, of the people and by the people has now become the government for the bankers, of the bankers and by the bankers?

This is starting to get really interesting…


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