Business is War… or the War of Business?

Even the pentagon is getting into the financial business now. Perhaps they will be more successful than the bankers have been? There was a recent “war game” involving an economic attack against the U.S. We did not fare too well according to this article.

Glad to see that our national security apparatus is on the case… but it does make me wonder a couple of things…

  1. If there is a linkage between national security and economic security, what are the implications for those that cost the U.S. $12.8 trillion and thereby weakened our national security?
  2. If there has been reckless profiteering (a polite way of saying piracy), then why do institutions and people get a free pass?

… seems that there needs to be some careful thought on this. But there probably will not be. It seems that the Obama administration is inclined toward the policy of incrementalism from the base the Bush administration left. Too bad. The more things change, the more they stay the same…


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