One thing leads to another

A great deal of work is being done on renewable energy sources. With very cool stats thrown around such as:

  • the amount of energy impacting the earth from the sun in one hour will supply the entire world’s consumption for a day
  • 1 square meter receives from the sun the equivalent of 1000 watts of energy

I could go on but the point is that energy is all around us. In fact, if we are to believe Einstein’s “signature equation” of E= mC2- then we ARE energy, albeit in a rather cool, slow and static format. There are untapped (and I am guessing unknown) realms of energy extraction from our surroundings that  we have yet to imagine and explore.

So while we wrangle and create endless spreadsheets on the economical viability of one renewable energy source versus another, keep this in mind- the great game of innovation has only begun. It can only get more interesting from here.


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