The Audacity of Hope Part II

In my prior entry, The Audacity of Hope, I told the story of Vann Nath, one of the few survivors of the infamous S-21 death camp. While no one is certain, the latest figures that I read were that 14,000 went in, 7 came out. One of them was Mr. Vann Nath. He passed away a month ago on September 5th. The Economist printed an eloquent obituary that can be found at this link.

I wanted to remember Vann Nath and the brief role he played in my life. While I never met him, I did commission a painting that he did entitled, “Hope”. I detailed the entire story in my prior blog post. I encourage you to read it and reflect on this remarkable person and his passing.

Why is this important to me? I think because at my core, I am a hopeful person. And I am touched by those rare individuals that are thrust into seemingly hopeless circumstances and demonstrate the strength of spirit to bring forth hope amidst great darkness. There is no training or degree or education that prepares one to be a person of great soul. Mr. Vann Nath was such a person.

I am posting a picture of his painting, entitled, “Hope”. May his spirit of hope amidst insurmountable challenges strengthen us.

Rest well.

“Hope” by Vann Nath


1 thought on “The Audacity of Hope Part II

  1. Dear Christopher Montaño,

    i work on the monograph of Vann Nath’s painting
    i would like to ask you some questions about this painting
    please contact me

    Yvon CHALM

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