About Me and My Blog


My name is Christopher Montaño, CFA and I have a background in equity research, venture capital and technology start-up operations. My investment research interests span multiple technologies, sectors and services. I have worked, researched or invested in web-based software as a service start-up, wireless semiconductors, optical communications components and systems, cybersecurity, communications software, networking equipment, clean-technology and the SmartGrid.

I am fascinated with the impact of technology on who we are and how we live. Unlike anything previously, technology has dominated the direction and form of our civilization since the Renaissance. I think it is the envelop of our progress at this time and for many, many years to come. Our story has become intertwined with the story of our technology and we are re-inventing ourselves through it.It is a grand time to be alive and witness the triumphs and challenges in front of us. We can use technology for broader, expansive, societal benefits and purposes, or we can channel it towards narrow interests that disregard our impact upon others. I have seen and experienced both and am committed to the former and forsaking the latter.

My blog’s name is “Adventures of the Invisible Hand.” The invisible hand referring to Adam Smith’s metaphor to describe the self-organization he observed emerging from the behavior of complex, adaptive agents (people) each acting in self-interest. Somehow, amidst the chaos of uncountable individuals thinking primarily about ourselves, we see economic value created. What makes this time interesting and even somewhat dangerous is that unlike the world where Mr. Smith lived, we have exited the state where it is “safe to fail.” Our margin of error now is significantly reduced from the one he experienced. At his time, there were no weapons of mass destruction or technologies that were producing climate change. Now, we face permanent consequences for poor decisions and must proceed far more carefully with consideration of far more than ever before. In short, it is orders of magnitude more complex with a reduced tolerance for error. Unfortunately, this will only grow more serious going forward.

So join me in my dialog of my personal thoughts and reflections along these broad themes. Feel free to contact me, you can reach me at my personal email: chris dot montano at gmail dot com.


3 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Took me a while to find you. Just wanted to say hi, so, “HI!”

    I have sent a separate email. Hope all is well.

    Allan Bell

  2. Dear sir Rob Hamill,
    I work on the monograph (catalogue raisonné) of Vann Nath. I saw on the blog that you published a picture of a painting, so i would like to ask you some questions because you are the owner of the painting:

    – Do you know the year it as been painted?
    – Do you know the size of each one?
    – Do you have other paintings?

    I do high definition picture of each painting for the catalog, Do you live in Cambodia?

    i hope you understand my request.
    I was a friend of Vann Nath since 4 years, i worked with him on the pecis documentation for each of his painting.
    I thank you by advance for you answers.
    I am looking forward to earing from you soon.
    Yvon CHALM
    Phnom Penh
    097 7 40 80 80

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